Scratch Meals Ltd, makes fresh meal kits containing all the ingredients needed to cook a complete meal from scratch in under 10 minutes; sold in a number of national supermarkets, the recipes are designed by Michel Roux Snr.

Launched by Phil Pinnell and Alex Neves in February 2009. They wanted to find a way to cook a decent meal without the hassle of busy, everyday life getting in the way. Fed up with nightly takeaways, ready meals and, if truth be told, burgeoning waistlines in their early twenties they thought enough was enough and went about designing kits made up of fresh ingredients and easy to follow instructions to cook a fresh, complete meal-for-one in about 10 minutes.

They put together some recipes with help from friends and family and acquired a stall at Whitecross Street Market in East London. With their sleeves rolled up and a lot of chopping practice, they launched in Sainsbury’s on the 18th May 2011, having secured Michel Roux Snr – one of the only chefs in the world to hold 3 Michelin Stars for over 25 years – as their executive chef, in charge of designing their recipes. They have since launched their meals successfully into Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco, Budgens and most recently Booth's.

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