MOGOPLUS is a ground-breaking FinTech business providing uniquely-secure technology to banks, lenders, and other businesses helping them unlock deep insights into consumer’s true financial profile. MOGOPLUS allows consumers to automatically verify their identity and provide transactional data without divulging their login credentials and passwords to anyone other than their own bank.

MOGOPLUS enables consumers to safely share their personal financial data (e.g. bank account transactions and bank statements) with potential lenders in real-time, enabling the lender to provide instant credit decisions, without leaving a mark on the consumer’s credit score. The data retrieved by MOGOPLUS is digitally processed, categorised and sent to potential lenders eliminating manual processing, saving time, reducing fraud, and improving the customer journey.

MOGOPLUS is currently working with major banks, lenders, tenant vetting firms, mortgage brokers and a range of other businesses in both UK and Australia, with discussions underway for expansion into new territories.

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