Live Better With, founded in 2015 by CEO Tamara Rajah, offers support beyond medical treatment. Together with the cancer community, the website’s products are handpicked to help ease symptoms and side effects, and improve the quality of day-to-day life.

Products are grouped by how someone might be feeling (e.g. ‘Feeling sick’ or ‘Can’t sleep’), to make it easy to discover all the relevant and helpful things that have worked for others with the same need.

By the end of 2016, 1,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer everyday in the UK. They will receive great medical care to treat the progression of their tumour, but there is another side of care. Treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery often cause side effects, including itching, a constant metallic taste, a sore mouth, nausea, hair loss and pain. There are hundreds of products that can help relieve these symptoms but patients and families often struggle to find them. Live Better With continuously updates its range of products based on real recommendations. 

Live Better With is currently active in the UK and the US and aims to expand its service offering globally.

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