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Quick, easy and secure verification of customer financial information

MOGOPLUS is a ground-breaking FinTech business providing uniquely-secure technology to banks, lenders, and other businesses helping them unlock deep insights into consumer’s true financial profile. MOGOPLUS allows consumers to automatically verify their identity and provide transactional data without divulging their login credentials and passwords to anyone other than their own bank.

MOGOPLUS enables consumers to safely share their personal financial data (e.g. bank account transactions and bank statements) with potential lenders in real-time, enabling the lender to provide instant credit decisions, without leaving a mark on the consumer’s credit score. The data retrieved by MOGOPLUS is digitally processed, categorised and sent to potential lenders eliminating manual processing, saving time, reducing fraud, and improving the customer journey.

MOGOPLUS is currently working with major banks, lenders, tenant vetting firms, mortgage brokers and a range of other businesses in both UK and Australia, with discussions underway for expansion into new territories.

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Technology platform transforming the mortgage application process

Smartr365 is a platform for mortgage brokers and banks that uses state-of the-art technology to significantly improve the mortgage application process for customers, advisers and lenders.

The platform allows direct submission of applications to lenders, auto case updates and tracking, alongside other consumer-facing tools and technologies, automating the mortgage journey from start to finish.

Through partnerships with industry-leading technologies, such as Fig portfolio company, MOGO, Smartr365 enables brokers to give smarter financial advice and manage their portfolio more effectively while allowing customers to get mortgage applications approved in minutes not weeks.

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Luggage management and logistics services for frequent travellers

DUFL is a premium travel service that simplifies business travel by shipping, cleaning and storing your business attire. 

DUFL stores your clothing in your personal closet, and allows you to virtually 'pack' by selecting your clothing items from your digital wardrobe in its app.

Once your trip is scheduled, DUFL will ship your cleaned and pressed clothes to your destination ahead of your arrival and collect before you leave. 

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Enterprise Data Management for Financial Markets

Xenomorph - Enterprise Data Management for Financial Markets

Xenomorph TimeScape EDM+ delivers consistent, validated, cleansed data to the whole enterprise - from front-office and risk to back-office and compliance.

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Watch My Competitor

Monitor online assets of competitors, suppliers, partners and customers

WatchMyCompetitor is a cloud based service that allows you to easily setup and automate your online monitoring.

Simply advise which competitors and companies you wish to track along with the types of information you are looking for, such as new products, pricing changes and company news. Our service runs 24 x 7, 365 days a year, monitoring your online interests.

Your business intelligence dashboard summarises all the changes such as new products and pricing changes. 

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Idea management tool for businesses of all sizes

Wazoku is all about great ideas. In fact, Wazoku means “great idea” in Swahili. It believes in the power of capturing and developing good ideas so have developed an easy to use idea management tool for your organisation. It is turning idea management into a social process.

Idea Spotlight is a web-based idea capture and innovation management tool that helps organisations of all sizes to uncover, filter and prioritise the best ideas. Because inspiration can come from anywhere, Idea Spotlight enables everyone to create, share and evaluate ideas with an equal voice.

It is different from other idea management companies. Here’s why:

  • Integrate with leading enterprise technology including Microsoft Office 365, Yammer, Sharepoint, Jive, tibbr and many more to put innovation and ideas right at the heart of your daily working life
  • Developed a number of unique features, such as Recommendation Engine, so ideas can find the right pathways through your organisation
  • It provides full service support in the UK, from implementation, trainings to user support
  • No buzzwords, no fluffy concepts, just practical guidance and measurable ROI


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Manufacture, development and commercialisation of microneedle technologies

Innoture develops and manufactures microneedles and microneedle patches for use in drug delivery, diagnostics and monitoring. The technology allows for pain-free and highly efficient transdermal substrate delivery.

Innoture’s microneedle platform is an extremely flexible, simple and cost effective solution applicable to many transdermal scenarios.

Its IP allows freedom to operate within the crowded microneedle landscape and offers a truly adaptative, tailored, application optimised solution.

Research and development is based at the state-of-the-art institute of Life Science Swansea University and there is a knowledge transfer partnership in place with the Biocomposites Centre at Bangor University. The company is backed by a range of notable investors from the pharmaceutical industry.


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Graduate careers site

GradTouch enables graduate employers of all sizes to attract the best graduate talent. A hybrid of an advertising agency and job site, GradTouch works extremely closely with employers to create and articulate their employer brand and promote and distribute their career opportunities to its network of over 1.3 million 18-24 year olds.

Through application tips from industry experts, feedback from other graduates and jargon-free job descriptions, job seekers can make more informed decisions about the best place to start their career.

The company was founded in 2011 by recent university graduates Zac Williams and Joe Twigg who were frustrated by the recruitment process. To date, GradTouch has helped over 100 employers hire thousands of graduates. Current clients include Aldi, Ford and Npower through to SMEs and start-ups.

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Innovative storage and delivery device for injectable pharmaceuticals

Eulysis designs and manufactures new packaging and transportation systems for pharmaceutical products.

Its first product, the Single Vial System (SVS), cuts the packaging required for transporting lyophilized drugs in half. 80% of pharmaceutical products are currently transported in two separate vials containing: a powder (lyophilate) and a liquid (diluent). SVS can deliver these parts in a single vial and thus, reduce costs, double the number of doses that can be stored and decrease the risk of contamination upon reconstitution.

Eulysis has the potential to change how drugs are transported and expand pharmaceutical access globally, helping medicines reach more people that need them.


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Patented neurotechnology that helps companies to optimise user attention on their websites

EyeQuant, founded in January 2009 by Prof. Dr. Peter König, Johannes Steger and Fabian Stelzer, is a patented neurotechnology that helps companies to optimise user attention on their websites.

The technology predicts, within seconds, where users will look and what users will see, enabling rapid and cost-efficient conversion and usability optimisation – customers like Groupon and Union Investment have achieved conversion lifts of up to 170% by using Eyequant. The technology is available as a web-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and delivers more than 90% of an Eye-Tracking study’s performance at less than 1% of the cost.

EyeQuant is based on a decade of institutional academic research at CalTech and the University of Osnabrueck, Germany. Its founders and Scientific Advisory Board comprise three of the world’s leading neuroscientists: Professor Peter König (UOS), Professor Christof Koch (CSO, Allen Institute and CalTech) and Professor Laurent Itti (USC).

EyeQuant aims to become the world’s first platform for automated website optimisation; users will be able to upload their designs and get actionable recommendations within seconds.


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Fresh meal kits designed by Michel Roux

Scratch Meals Ltd, makes fresh meal kits containing all the ingredients needed to cook a complete meal from scratch in under 10 minutes; sold in a number of national supermarkets, the recipes are designed by Michel Roux Snr.

Launched by Phil Pinnell and Alex Neves in February 2009. They wanted to find a way to cook a decent meal without the hassle of busy, everyday life getting in the way. Fed up with nightly takeaways, ready meals and, if truth be told, burgeoning waistlines in their early twenties they thought enough was enough and went about designing kits made up of fresh ingredients and easy to follow instructions to cook a fresh, complete meal-for-one in about 10 minutes.

They put together some recipes with help from friends and family and acquired a stall at Whitecross Street Market in East London. With their sleeves rolled up and a lot of chopping practice, they launched in Sainsbury’s on the 18th May 2011, having secured Michel Roux Snr – one of the only chefs in the world to hold 3 Michelin Stars for over 25 years – as their executive chef, in charge of designing their recipes. They have since launched their meals successfully into Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco, Budgens and most recently Booth's.

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Property Detective

Personalised property research tool for buyers and renters

Property Detective is a personalised property research tool for buyers and renters.

It allows people to search for their ideal home according to lifestyle criteria that matters to them, giving them all the insight and information they need to evaluate a property, street, neighbourhood or area more rationally.

Users can search properties by safety, suitability for families, school admissions, leisure opportunities, transport links, and noise levels. The online platform is changing the way people move home, saving homebuyers time, money and stress.

The tech start-up works with a wide range of data partners including Ordnance Survey and various government agencies, pulling together hundreds of different datasets, from commercial and public sector sources.

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The Money Cloud

Global foreign exchange price comparison website

The Money Cloud is a global foreign exchange price comparison website.

The site provides visitors with an independent and unbiased comparison of the best value services offered by FX brokers, banks and money transfer organisations.

Users are able to choose the currency that they have and the currency that they wish to send and are then able to compare the best rates in the market for each specific transaction.

The Money Cloud will establish itself in the primary markets of the UK, US, Eurozone, Australia and Canada as the leading forex comparison website.

The Money Cloud also works with a variety of partner companies such as travel providers to ensure that customers changing currencies are always able to get the best prices in the market.

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Unique recruitment agency

Brightsparks is evolving the way companies access and recruit the brightest talent; those individuals who are most likely to succeed within their organisation.

Its unique business model combines the concept of a university alumni network with a recruitment and staffing business to ensure the best talent find the roles most suited to them, to help them and their employers achieve the highest level of success.

By directly employing thousands of students and graduates every year, over 11,000 to date, Brightsparks have unique insight into their skills and strengths to propel them through their careers. It uses these expertise, proprietary data and unparalleled network to close the disconnection between employers and their target talent for the benefit of both parties.

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Live Better With

To make everyday living a little bit better for people with cancer

Live Better With, founded in 2015 by CEO Tamara Rajah, offers support beyond medical treatment. Together with the cancer community, the website’s products are handpicked to help ease symptoms and side effects, and improve the quality of day-to-day life.

Products are grouped by how someone might be feeling (e.g. ‘Feeling sick’ or ‘Can’t sleep’), to make it easy to discover all the relevant and helpful things that have worked for others with the same need.

By the end of 2016, 1,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer everyday in the UK. They will receive great medical care to treat the progression of their tumour, but there is another side of care. Treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery often cause side effects, including itching, a constant metallic taste, a sore mouth, nausea, hair loss and pain. There are hundreds of products that can help relieve these symptoms but patients and families often struggle to find them. Live Better With continuously updates its range of products based on real recommendations. 

Live Better With is currently active in the UK and the US and aims to expand its service offering globally.

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Fitness equipment designed to aid rehabilitation

MuJo is a fitness equipment manufacturer with a patented moving-axis cam technology.

The company holds patents for technologies that enable resistance exercises that engage multiple joints through multi-axial movements within defined, safe, movement patterns.  


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Exited Investments

Create and discover powerful software integrations speeds up your digital life by connecting the web services you already use and getting them to talk to one another. It offers users the ability to create and build their own apps, using a simple drag and drop technology to customise how their digital services connect to one another.

The company was founded by Richard Waldron, Dominic Lewis and Alistair Russell in 2012 out of the frustration of managing email inboxes. Their entrepreneurial journey has captured the imagination of investors and users alike. 


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Hastee Pay

Hastee Pay is a free-to-offer employee benefit that improves workers’ financial wellbeing

An employee benefit that allows workers to receive their pay immediately – whenever & wherever they want – enhancing choice and financial wellbeing. Companies benefit from the increased productivity, engagement & retention of their workers, with no cost or impact on company cash-flow.

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