New Model Venture Capital

New Model Venture Capital offers investors, businesses and professional service providers a new and pragmatic approach to venture capital, private equity and corporate finance

New Model was established by a team with more than 50 years of private equity and venture capital experience. Having been involved with all manner of corporate finance transactions as owners, advisors, vendors and buyers of companies, the team set up New Model to take a fresh and pragmatic approach to the application and management of investors’ capital and portfolios.

The Evergreen Discretionary Asset Management Scheme is the first product offering from New Model. The scheme is a truly innovative take on the traditional VC Fund model and offers marked benefits for all parties concerned. An offering with a transparent and incentive-aligned fee-structure that is better for the investor, better for the investee and if executed correctly, better for the manager.

Launched formally in February 2014, the Evergreen Scheme is the first in a series of planned structured products that complement New Model’s more traditional corporate finance services.

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